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Elevator Speechđź’ˇ

I will begin this post with a very interesting story, Back in 1983, John Sculley was the president of Pepsi. Sculley had dedicated his career to Pepsi and was widely believed to be a serious contender to become PepsiCo’s chairman one day. As a result, Sculley constantly turned down offers from corporate headhunters, trying to…

Food Wastage: The world’s dumbest problem

When we are told to think about the stuff that’s hurting our planet, what things come to our mind first? Things like smokestacks, cars, oil spills, deforestation. But one thing that skips our mind, is all the food we throw away. In India, food wastage generated is 50 Kg per capita per year which equals…

Child Labor

In simple words, child labor refers to work that is mentally, physically and morally dangerous to children. It interferes with their schooling; they get deprived from the opportunity to attend school. Children engaged in child labor are cheated off of a happy childhood as well as the fun, learning experiences in their years. A majority…

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