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#Book Review 3 _ Ahimsa By Supriya Kelkar

The book Ahimsa is taking place in 1942 and  is about a ten-year-old Anjali whose mother  has just quit her job working under the British  Raj for undisclosed reasons and a rising  Independence movement is about to take her  entire life !! The book opens up with a black Q  which states Quit, is painted on the side of  her mother’s ex-boss’s wall.

Anjali gets unwillingly involved in the turmoil.  She has to give up her biases against the Dalit  community or the so-called untouchables and has to  sacrifice her lovely foreign-made ghagra-choli  for khadi clothes 😦

It takes one into the journey of ahimsa—a  practice of nonviolence towards all living  things. The point of view of the author is to share the stories of the unsung heroes of  India’s Wars of Independence and the book is inspired by  the author’s great-grandmother’s experience working  with Gandhi Ji.

I would surely recommend this book because of the simple language and an exciting story. You will get a chance to see India’s independence through the eyes of the young,  ten-year-old child.



Published by Ishmeet Singh

HI! I’m Ishmeet Singh and I try writing pretty things. I am a student by profession and a blogger by hobby. Everything I read or explore, is posted here so that I can keep a track of it and maybe even inspire or share something knowledgeable with someone. Hope you all like it ….keep visiting !!

6 thoughts on “#Book Review 3 _ Ahimsa By Supriya Kelkar

  1. Wonderful choice of the book ! For all citizens of India it is very important to know the turmoils suffered by our ancestors to make our country free from the British rule. Anjali, being just 10 years old, makes the turmoils more serious. Change in ideas and perceptions about the dalits makes the freedom struggle more interesting and absorbing. Well conveived and very well conveyed.

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