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Child Labor

In simple words, child labor refers to work that is mentally, physically and morally dangerous to children. It interferes with their schooling; they get deprived from the opportunity to attend school. Children engaged in child labor are cheated off of a happy childhood as well as the fun, learning experiences in their years. A majority of them leave behind the path of education, and is compromised on becoming a literate individual.

When it comes to the reality of child labor in India, there’s a sharp contrast between what the laws really mean and what the ground reality is, India is one of the highest concentrations of child labors in the world.

If I talk about the causes (which are pretty clear to all of us) like Poverty, Lack of access to education, disease or disability and cheap labor.

Child labor is not just forcing kids to do things which are harmful them, like making them work in factories, mines or force them to beg. Reality shows are also a kind of child labor, probably disguised.

Reality shows are enrolling kids as participants, and such shows not only destroy the kids emotionally & physically but also take away their innocence from an early age, kids are made to face such harsh lights and they even have to apply a lot of cosmetics, which are not good for their tender skins.  Employment of child actors was common in television channels, but the number has rose in the last decade or so. Their might be a reason for this, so after reading out many articles and reports. I have actually come out to conclusion that there are mainly to two reasons and one of them is the “raining money” Kids are given cash prizes upon winning the show and their sponsors these days are giving more prizes and cash awards, to be more popular and well known. The other reason is the so called “Extra- curricular activities” supporters claim that participation in reality shows are an extension of the extra-curricular activities enforced in schools, over the years. Students are pressured into participation and most of the times, it ends up damaging their academic careers.

To wrap all of it, I would like to say child labor directly or indirectly is not good for children, every child ought to have a respectable education and he/she should not have deprived of it, no matter what the reason behind the child working at a tender age.

I hope that my message was clearly delivered to all my readers, this post is a bit wordy as I wanted to cover up all the points, if anywhere I have made mistake or wrote down something inappropriate, do comment below and help me improve myself.

Thank You : )   


Published by Ishmeet Singh

HI! I’m Ishmeet Singh and I try writing pretty things. I am a student by profession and a blogger by hobby. Everything I read or explore, is posted here so that I can keep a track of it and maybe even inspire or share something knowledgeable with someone. Hope you all like it ….keep visiting !!

6 thoughts on “Child Labor

  1. Again a very good and relevant subject chosen, but a correction is required in the beginning itself – child labor is ALL work done by children for money or wages, not necessarily that which is “dangerous” to children !

    The article contains good points about child labor laws in India, India’s position in child labor, causes of child labor, etc. However, reality shows are not as bad as they are made out to be. For example, reality shows do promote the spirit of competition, sense of achievement on applause, etc. These do not conflict with the child’s education or development as such. Also, in dramas and film stories, child characters are often REQUIRED to reflect real life. Acting in these also enhances and helps the child’s over-all developing personality.

    Apart from the above mentioned perception errors, this time there are quite a number of grammatical and punctuation errors, as if written in a hurry ! For example, it should be “deprived of”, not “deprived from”;
    “a majority of them……ARE compromised on becoming literate INDIVIDUALS”, instead of “is compromised on becoming a literate individual”, number has RISEN, not “rose”, etc. !

    So overall, this time, one is left with an impression that the whole exercise is done in a hurry, thereby missing out on important factual and language aspects. This is not to say that the effort, the thoughts, the presentation are in any way faulty or wrong. Only, more attention to details is required next time.

    Wishing the best for future and congrats and thanks……

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