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Grade X – A journey similar to a game.

Estimated 20 lakh students enter grade X every year (correct me if I am wrong); I was one of them last year.

Frankly speaking, for me, the year’s journey was similar to that of the boy in the game – HILL CLIMB RACING.  This game I just mentioned is a racing game, you have to drive in various terrains, sometimes on slopes and other times on narrow bridges. When accelerating too much you run out of fuel and when you drive well you get diamonds and extra fuel ……. And the year was similar with this game, How? – I started with full energy, gone through good times when hard work pays off and hard times when things when opposite to what I imagined and I didn’t know what to do.

You get extra fuel when you stay consistent, that is your parents and teachers are on your side and they believe in you more than you do in yourself. And lastly the diamonds –  friends who help you sail off smoothly, the trips,  movie treats, birthday parties and the free periods, these things gave me good memories which I’ll keep safe in my heart along with the moments which made me feel devasted.

The final exams ended the day before yesterday and now for the coming month or two, I’ll be restless and a little scared about the results. Knowing the fact that results don’t matter and I won’t be much affected by it too …. Still there resides some voidness in me until I see my final results. Hoping for the best, I’ll move on to the following tasks that spread out for me and continue working hard as usual.


Published by Ishmeet Singh

HI! I’m Ishmeet Singh and I try writing pretty things. I am a student by profession and a blogger by hobby. Everything I read or explore, is posted here so that I can keep a track of it and maybe even inspire or share something knowledgeable with someone. Hope you all like it ….keep visiting !!

17 thoughts on “Grade X – A journey similar to a game.

  1. A student’s anxieties, joys, expectations, – all very well expressed. The analogy of the Hill Climb Racing game is used so aptly and appropriately. The competitive nature of a Grade X student’s efforts and their possible rewards is narrated so vividly. The whole write-up makes one realize the tender thought processes of a sincere student. Keep it up. Well-said and well-written.

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  2. Hi, pata nahi tha itna acha likh leti hai, anyways, it was good having you and all the others in my life even so just for a while. Made my last school year memorable, didn’t you?!

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  3. Looking at you all the time in the journey I would say you were successful in this game. You never let your spirit down. Such games are always amazing to experience. And there are still many to play which I hope we enjoy together.

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