E – Waste : A critical issue but a relief in Covid-19

In Simple language, E-waste is when an electronic device which not in use is thrown in an inappropriate way. E-waste has always been a serious issue as it is not overlooked and the devices are inappropriately disposed. The United Nations has described it as the world’s fastest-growing waste stream. Every year, humanity generates tons of electronic waste, orContinue reading “E – Waste : A critical issue but a relief in Covid-19”

Body Shaming: The size of the person does not determine how the person is !!

This post is about one of the biggest problems in today’s generation “Body Shaming “. Well body shaming, defined as an inappropriate negative statement and attitude towards another person’s weight or size. You will get to hear several types of body shaming, such as  “fat-shaming” and “skinny-shaming,” and several other types, no one’s body seemsContinue reading “Body Shaming: The size of the person does not determine how the person is !!”


Our society is continuing to make steps towards EQUALITY but being equal and fair is not always straightforward. Sometimes, people may need different treatment to make their opportunities the same as another’s. The two words written above – EQUALITY & EQUITY look almost the same but there meanings are different. The word EQUALITY means  ensuringContinue reading “EQUALITY versus EQUITY”

#Ishmeet&Sanvicreations_”HORRORS OF WARS”

<p class="has-drop-cap has-foreground-dark-color has-text-color has-small-font-size" style="line-height:1.6" value="<amp-fit-text layout="fixed-height" min-font-size="6" max-font-size="72" height="80">Hello to all my lovely dear readers ……. today's post is something different as today me and my good friend sanvi shah has collaborated and wrote on horrors of war. So here I present you our first creation together —Hello to all my lovely dearContinue reading “#Ishmeet&Sanvicreations_”HORRORS OF WARS””


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