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Food Wastage: The world’s dumbest problem

When we are told to think about the stuff that’s hurting our planet, what things come to our mind first? Things like smokestacks, cars, oil spills, deforestation. But one thing that skips our mind, is all the food we throw away. In India, food wastage generated is 50 Kg per capita per year which equalsContinue reading “Food Wastage: The world’s dumbest problem”

PLASTIC : A Precaution or A Problem.

Plastic, a versatile, affordable and ever-present thing. It makes our work easier and gives us a lot of conveniences. They have formed an essential part of our lives now. We use them almost every day for various purposes. And now in this current scenario the use of plastic is more than it was expected becauseContinue reading “PLASTIC : A Precaution or A Problem.”

E – Waste : A critical issue but a relief in Covid-19

In Simple language, E-waste is when an electronic device which not in use is thrown in an inappropriate way. E-waste has always been a serious issue as it is not overlooked and the devices are inappropriately disposed. The United Nations has described it as the world’s fastest-growing waste stream. Every year, humanity generates tons of electronic waste, orContinue reading “E – Waste : A critical issue but a relief in Covid-19”